The Road to Tomorrow

20th December, 1999

Six months ago today I sat on the beach on the most beautiful day, and tried to come to terms with how I was going to start my life over. Although my heart was heavy, I had accepted the fact that my marriage was dead, and that I was basically sitting there in the sand at somewhere around ground zero. Beautiful thing about ground zero tho, is that it is rife with possibility. Only way to go is up, right? So...I decided to set some goals for myself, to assist me in rebuilding my life. I had brought a notebook and started to jot down the things that were really important to me...

Healthy well adjusted kids...

My own health and emotional well being

A loving relationship

Financial Security

and once those goals were met...

Living life to the fullest possible measure.

Once I had listed these goals, I asked myself what I needed to do to get from here to there. I gave each goal it's own page, and wrote suggestions to myself on each one... What did I need to provide my children with to help them to become the best they could possibly be?...(quite a, shelter, attention, encouragement, healthy discipline, spiritual guidance, and love love love...) What did I need to do to nurture my own health (proper nutrition, daily exercise, supplements, stress management etc.)... What qualities would I desire in a partner (it was a tall order guys, believe me...I asked for an angel...and somehow .. :-) God heard)...What steps did I need to take to become financially secure (money management, career changes, planning etc.)...And would I want to live my life?, six months later, I am still in pursuit of those goals. They have become my road map to tomorrow. I've added a few goals along the way...things that I feel are truly necessary to a meaningful life.

Seeking spiritual growth and understanding...

and contributing to the world in some meaningful way. (Someone very dear to me has become my inspiration to find something I can do to give of myself...)

It's basically a work in progress, I guess that's what life is all about. They say, the joy is in the journey. With these goals and means to arrive at the goals to guide me it's all falling into place with each passing day. I have a vision of the life I want to live, and I truly believe that with sincerity, determiniation, courage and faith, all things are possible. There may be road blocks along the way, but I will trust that all things will happen as they are meant to be. I know a peace, happiness and contentment that I have never known before, and I feel blessed with possibility.

I guess my Christmas wish would be that each and every one of you who have found yourselves at the same ground zero will join me on this wonderful road to tomorrow. It's a great place to be.

To be continued.... :-)



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