Graduation Day
Saturday, 19th May, 2001

Ahhhh Saturday and fruit for breakfast (goat feed per Larry hehe)...and a little silence before....WORK??? Yupper, gotta work today. Big ceremonies and I'm right out there on stage barkin with the big dogs. ;-)

It's been one rockin week, absolutely exhausting, sometimes a real ordeal, but it seems all is in order for our big day today (fingers crossed!)

I'll be glad when all is said and done (bout 3 pm) and I can begin to focus 100% on my move. Off next week, thank heaven...there's still so much to do. Finalize all perparations for closing, utility phone and cable hookups and shutdowns, walkthru, lease signing, and cleaning out the remnants of a lifetime that it's time to let go of. I have a picture of my mind already of my new home. Bright, simple, comfortable and a gift to the eyes. Wonderful little accents ...I'm going to redo my dad's antique artist's desk in a vibrant color...decopage Monet prints on it (got a Monet calendar at the dollar store!) and then set it with a glass top. That will be my place for inspiration. :-) I'll do the same with an antique kitchen table in my garage (for dining) Getting rid of all the old bric-a-brac...can't wait.

In the words of Jerry Garcia, "What a long strange trip it's been." Funny how life twists and turns, taking you places where you never dreamed of going. Bernie Siegel says when you encounter difficulties, loss, or change, to take heart, and not be dismayed, because "God is redirecting you." Good words I guess, because they inspire you to trust in the process of life...and they give hope that everything will be alright.

There is much sadness when I look back. Dreams lost, hard and painful lessons learned. At the same time tho, there is wisdom gained, faith reaffimed, and great pride in my strength, growth and my ability to adapt and not only survive, but to survive well.

Today is an important day for me in many ways. An affirmation of my abilities. I will participate in bestowing an important recognition upon close to 200 people. A lot of hard work went into this day, and I feel I've come a long way from the single mom of 12 years ago, fighting to stay off welfare, working a minimum wage clerical job and sharing one room with my 2 little children. Today, I help to bestow honors, but in my heart, in private, I'll share in them. Because you see, not only have the honorees today achieved something very have I. :-)

Here's to the future...a blank page yet to be written. May the ink be golden, may the script be beautiful, and may dreams come true...for all of us.

Say one for me, k? And I'll say one for each of you.

(Hehe...and say one that I don't trip on stage or

God bless,



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